Spoke for Law Firms

A new kind of business phone system for remotely distributed and mobile legal teams that improves internal communication, productivity, and customer experiences.

Mobile business telephony for leading law firms

Spoke for law firms delivers a professional and seamless call experience connecting customers to lawyers, admin staff, and consultants, regardless of where your people are working today.


With high quality calls and a full office phone system on a mobile phone, leading law firms are rethinking how and where work is done.

Expand customer care and communication

Improve customer experiences

Expedite customer queries with smart-call routing to the right people wherever they are.

Embrace total freedom of work

Offer employee’s work-remote benefits while boosting collaboration regardless of time and location.

 Maximise your existing resources

Utilise resources and technology you already have while expanding mobility options for customers and employees alike.

Phone location

Be where your customers are

Give customers a local or free-phone number to call you. Chicago, London, Auckland, wherever!

Easy Transfer

Connect everyone

Give your remote staff more power so they can connect with everyone from anywhere.

Phone speaking

Talk more, do less

Give Spoke to everyone, because talking solves problems fast.

Spoke Network Coverage Map

Employees hate using your clunky old company phones.


Give out their personal mobile number to customers


Forward your company phone to their mobile

Get all the key business phone features without the fuss

Desk Phones

Desk Phones

Phone lines

Phone lines





Setup & Maintenance

Setup & Maintenance

IT Resource

IT Resource

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