What is Spoke Phone?

Spoke replaces traditional business telephone systems with a simple app you install on your mobile phone. There is no need for wires, hardware, or any complicated setup and maintenance. All you now need for a complete business phone system, are mobile phones on any carrier/network.

Do I still need a mobile phone contract?

Yes. Spoke is not a mobile phone provider, and we do not provide mobile plans, minutes, or data. Spoke is a VoIP (Voice over IP/Data), app that makes and takes calls over the WiFi in your office, or over your phone’s data plan when you are out of the office. Providing you are on WiFi, Spoke does not use your phone’s data or phone minutes

Do I still need a landline?

No. You can cancel that contract and simply go to naked fibre or broadband.

Can I keep my existing business number?

Yes. We can move (port) your business numbers over to Spoke.

What if I have poor WiFi and/or data?

By default, Spoke uses WiFi to make and take calls. If you not in WiFi range, or have poor WiFi, Spoke can use your phone’s data plan. If you are in a poor phone reception area, (e.g. 3G), you can let Spoke use your carrier minutes. If you let Spoke use your carrier minutes, Spoke still masks your private phone number and ensures call charges are not placed on your personal phone account.

Can I transfer calls that I get on my mobile?

Yes. Spoke is a complete business phone system inside your mobile phone. You can have an auto-attendant answer and route calls, you can transfer calls, you can route calls to teams of people in the office, or overseas. With Spoke you get everything big companies can do with their expensive phone systems, but made simple on your mobile phone.

I’m a small business with a few people, will Spoke work for me?

If you have three employees, just yourself, or 100 employees, you are who Spoke is designed for. Spoke gives small and large companies alike, a professional grade phone system that delivers a great customer experience. When you set-up Spoke our team listen to your needs, and quickly (as in minutes) configure Spoke to suit your business.

Why will my employees want to put Spoke on their personal phones?

You can provide your employees company phones, or better yet, Spoke has been designed to let your employees safely use their own phones while at work. Spoke protects your employees privacy in three ways. 1) Spoke masks their personal number ensuring customers cannot call them directly, 2) Spoke respects their time off, ensuring customers cannot call them outside working hours, and 3) Spoke ensures that the employee does not incur call costs on behalf of the company.

Can we have DDIs?

Yes. As many as you like. You can assign multiple DDIs to the same person, for instance if employees leave, you can assign their old DDI to their replacement/manager.

How many lines do we need?

One. Unlike the old telephone lines that are engaged when someone is on a call, you can have 1,000 concurrent calls with just one Spoke number.

Can we have free-phone numbers?


What happens when I travel overseas?

As long as you have WiFi, you will be able to make and takes calls, transfer and have calls transferred to you, all at no additional cost. A lot of our customers buy a prepaid SIM when they travel, so they can use Spoke on 4G data when they have no WiFi access.

We’ve got employees overseas, how does it work?

Your employees overseas are no different from employees in your office. They can answer and make calls, you can transfer calls to them, they can be part of teams, calling groups, etc. All they need is WiFi or 4G data. You can now enable a global business phone system without any of the international call costs, setup, or complicated maintenance.

If we’re on a call, what happens when other customers call?

Unlike the old telephone lines that are engaged when someone is on a call, you can have 1,000 concurrent calls with just one Spoke number.

Can we have numbers in other towns and countries?


How does pricing work?

You buy a subscription plan and can either pay monthly on no contract, or sign up annually and get a good discount. The subscription plans relate to the number of users you want to have on the phone system.

What is included in the subscription/price?

All plans include the complete phone system feature set, the Spoke app for your employees, unlimited inbound calls, and one local number for your main company line. Most plans also include unlimited calling to landlines and mobile phones in your country.

What else will I pay for?

In addition to your subscription plan, you may pay for calls you make to other countries, additional numbers you use (e.g. DDIs), and calls customers make to any free-phone numbers you setup. If Spoke has to deliver calls using carrier minutes, (because the employee has poor WiFi or data reception), you pay for the cost to send those calls to the employees mobile phone.

What if I make thousands of calls?

Spoke is based on a fair and reasonable use system. It’s all about ensuring everyone gets a good quality business phone system for a fair price. To keep it fair, we specifically prohibit high volume call centers, robo-dial marketing services and other high volume calling activities. For everyone else, we have no hard and fast policy and won’t simply cut you off, but we may come to you for a chat about your needs if we see extraordinary calling patterns.

Can I use my existing desk phones/IP/SIP handsets?

Nope, sorry. We’re 100% mobile. However you can always use a bluetooth desk phone with Spoke. Here’s how it works. It’s the same as getting into your car and your mobile phone connects to your car’s audio via bluetooth. You can connect Spoke to a bluetooth enabled desk phone in the same way. Walk into your office, and Spoke connects to your desk phone. Spoke also works with your car’s bluetooth too.

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