PBX Phone System Continuity

A backup phone system on mobile phones to ensure business continuity in time of crisis.

Works with any business phone system.

Mobile Tick

Business continuity planning for your phone system

Use Spoke Phone to turn employees' mobile phones into a standby replica of your business phone system. In time of crisis, simply flick a switch and customer calls are directed to your employees' mobile phones.

Great remote working features you will love

Keep delivering excellent customer experiences during times of crisis.

Mobile Call Flows

Professional call flows

Replicate existing greetings, IVRs, and call flows to ensure professional customer experiences.

Mobile Call Queue

Mobile call queues

Distribute calls to the mobile phones of employees at home or anywhere in the world.


Transfer and conference

Easily transfer calls and conference in others from your mobile phone.

Protect your employees and your business in more ways than one

Protecting your business is more than just keeping the calls ringing. You get all Spoke Phone's features to ensure you, your customers, your employees, and your business are in safe hands.

Remote working business phone system for engineering company

Hide employee numbers

Customers see your main company numbers calling them and never see the employee’s mobile number.

Control and retain calls and voicemail

Call delivery is managed and secured so calls stay in your control and unanswered calls are never lost in personal voicemail.

Audit and manage risk

Turn on encrypted call recording and CRM integrations to manage risk and document calls and outcomes.

Simple to get set up, easy to use in a crisis

Divert Numbers

Guided set up

We set everything up with you to get you started on the right foot.

Install Spoke Phone

Install the Spoke Phone app

Your employees install the Spoke Phone app on their mobile phones.

Divert Numbers

Divert calls in a crisis

Simply divert your business numbers to your secret Spoke Phone emergency number in a crisis.

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