Small business phone systems by Spoke

Until now, small business phone systems have either been complex and clunky, or cheap and not that good.


With Spoke, small businesses can now turn their mobile phones into a high quality business phone system that has all the features of the more expensive cloud PBX and VoIP solutions.


Small businesses are unique. They are nimble, fast moving, and fluid. But to remain competitive small businesses need to compete with the big boys, and that means using the same tools and techniques – but for way less money.


Small business are always looking for ways to save time and money.  It’s just what they need to do in order to survive.


With Spoke, small businesses can finally get a high quality small business phone system, but without the cost.

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Small businesses need simple tools

Setting up small business phone systems used to be painful. Well not anymore!


In just three minutes your small business phone system can be up and running with Spoke Phone.


A business phone system in a flash

Think back to just a few short years ago to the days before gmail. Before Gmail, setting up business email was painful. You had to buy a server, install and configure software, get anti-virus working, configure users and mailboxes – and that was just the beginning. Getting business email today? – Five minutes on Gmail and you’re done.


So why should setting up small business phone systems be any different to setting up business email?  They answer is, it shouldn’t.


No more phone system maintenance

Furthermore, new tools like Gmail and Spoke Phone are not hard to maintain either.  In the old days changing your PBX phone system was hard, and every change came with a cost.  Every time you added a new staff member you had to perform some complex system configuration, install wiring, etc. All of these activities took time and money.


With Spoke Phone these setup and maintenance tasks simply don’t exist. Why? Because there is literally nothing to maintain. So, sorry folks, but no more IT Guy crawling under your desk, and no more waiting for an engineer to come in and configure the ‘box in the corner’ every time you hire a new person.


Things not even your Telco can do

In the old days you were held hostage by your Telco. Just getting them to do the easiest of things was hard, and god help you if you wanted something complex.  Consider this as how far we’ve come.  On Spoke today with just a single click you can instantly setup new virtual phone numbers for your small business. You can get local and free-phone numbers in most counties, so customers always have a local number to call you. No waiting, no explaining, and no large bill.


And to make going live super easy, Spoke can use your existing business phone numbers so customers don’t need to learn new ones. Simple.

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Your small business phone system is now all on your mobile phone!

So how do you get all the features of the old school desk phones / pbx phone systems into a mobile phone? And more importantly, how do you make it easy for people to use? The answer is simple – it’s very hard and we have to continually work at it.


Designed for mobile phones only

Spoke has been designed solely for use on mobile phones. What does this actually mean? It means that businesses no longer need hardware, wires, desk phones, or am IT guys to make it all work.


It also means that the team at Spoke have to spend 90% of their time focused on ensuring that you can easily use Spoke.  There are two things we concentrate on: 1) Visual design, and 2) Functional design. Put these together things and you have what’s called UX –  User Experience.


User Experience (UX) is the art of making hard and complex things both simple to use, yet powerful at the same time. A good example of great UX are Apple phones. A five year old can pick one up and use it without any instruction, yet they [Apple phones] are incredibly powerful.


At Spoke Phone we decided that for small business phone systems to truly work for small businesses who just have a mobile phone, it had to be simple and intuitive to use. Ideally you would sign up to Spoke and set up your phone system in a few minutes without any manuals or help. And more importantly, your employees would be able to install and use the Spoke app in seconds. At Spoke we like to think we’ve nailed both these things.


Putting an old school business phone system on a mobile phone

Can you really fit all those old office phone system /pbx features into an app on a mobile phone? Yes you can. However the bigger question that we asked ourselves, was ‘should we?’ In other words, do small businesses really need all those old phone system features?


The reality is that most employees in both small and large companies, really only use about 10% of the features in their business phone system.  Heck, most employees don’t even know how to retrieve voicemail on their desk phone.


At Spoke we talked to hundreds of customers and looked at thousands of calls to figure out what people really want and use. Based on that we’ve put in only the things you really need, and not the 500 features our competition like to say they have.


So what do are we doing with the time we saved by not building stuff you don’t need? We’re working on stuff to save you time and help you get the job done. We’ll talk more about that further on in this article.


So what should you expect when moving your business phone system to mobile phones?  You should expect change. You should expect that things to not going to be exactly the same as they were before. Some things may be better, other (things) you might think are worse. For instance may love your desk phones,, but with Spoke we don’t have any.  However, we found that by losing some of these old things, we’ve opened up new opportunities to radically improve not only your phone system, but your phone calls too.


Improving business phone calls

At Spoke we believe in the power of talking. It’s easy and fast to talk, and people generally solve problems much faster when they talk. So, if we’re going to get you to talk more on Spoke, then how do we take what you say and make it more powerful? Easy – Spoke makes your voice more powerful.


Spoke makes your voice more powerful – yeah right! However it’s true. Here is an example. You’re on a business phone call and the other person says something you need to remember. Today you try to remember it, or you have to write it down. The problem is that while you are writing you’re not listening to what else they are saying. Of course you might be driving or working on a roof, so you can’t write it down at all.


With Spoke, you no longer have this problem. Simply tap the Call Highlight button, and Spoke transcribes what you said or heard on the call, and after the call is over Spoke sends you a transcribed digest of all the things you highlighted during the call.


That’s just one example of how Spoke makes your voice more powerful.

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Keep control of your important business phone calls

The problem with letting employees use their personal mobile phones as your business phone system, is that you lose control of your calls, customers, and voicemail. The last thing you want is your proprietary business information and customer details walking out the door on some ex. employees phone.


Spoke solves these problems. Spoke allows your company to safely implement a business phone system on mobile phones. Spoke centrally encrypts and controls access to information and features allowing you to totally control your key business information.


So why will employees use their mobile phones while at work?  Simple – it’s easier for them. The truth is however that some of your employees will love the idea, and some will hate it.  Either way, you can provide phones to your employees or the employee can use their own mobile phone. This growing trend is called BYOD – Bring Your Own Device.

The truth about BYOD business phone systems

BYOD is growing in popularity, especially in small business. It’s largely because employees generally prefer to use their personal devices rather than carry two phones, especially if the phone you provide is of a lower quality than theirs.


However, before you rush out and implement a BYOD policy for your small business, there are some things you need to consider.


Keeping your business phone system information safe

The key is control of information. Who has it, who can use it, and how do you retain control over it if an employee leaves. For business phone systems it’s pretty simple. You don’t want employees who leave your company to be able to take employee lists, customer lists, or continue getting calls from customers.


Spoke solves these problems. For starters, no information is stored on the employees phone itself – it’s all in the cloud. Employees who leave can be easily deleted and the entire Spoke app on their phone is wiped and they are logged out.


Secondly, all calls that customers used to make to that employee are routed to the remaining teammates or an individual person. If the employee had a DDI (a direct dial number), you can instantly take over that number and get all customers calls right to your phone.


How do you keep your employee’s personal information and privacy protected

To keep employees safe, the Spoke app hides the employee’s personal mobile phone number when they make calls, showing customers your company phone number instead. Furthermore, if the customer attempts to call the employee outside their working hours, the Spoke app incepts the call redirecting to others or voicemail – depending on how you choose to setup your system.


In addition, what about the employees personal information on their phone? there is no way you the company should be able to access or see their personal contacts, app use or browsing history. Spoke ensures business owners can never see or access any personal information on an employees phone.


Using a business phone system like Spoke Phone gives your customers a quality experience. It also gives your company a way to protect your key business assets by controlling access to customers and calls at all times, keeping all office phone calls, voicemail, and costs well in your control.

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Smart call features get customers to the right person fast

Spoke understand that just because your business is small, your customers still expect you to treat them well and answer their problems fast.


Spoke provides sophisticated phone system features allowing you to improve your customer experience and service. You get the traditional large company business phone system features, just made better for small business.

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Call Routing


A phone system that saves time

We know that time is money and you need all the time you can get. Spoke provides your small business with features that save time and money, allowing you to get on doing what you do well.


Features such as smart call routing to get customers to the right person fast, and handy tools like voice transcription so you can read your voicemails without having to dial in, enter a bunch of numbers, and listen to people talk on and on!

Voice to Text
Simple to use
Simple to use
Traditional business phone system features made dead simple to use on your mobile phone.
Works on any network
Works on any network
Made for small business. Employees use a smartphone on any network. Their phone, or one you provide to them.
100% mobile
100% mobile
With Spoke, all that your small business needs is a mobile phone – nothing else.

With Spoke you eliminate:

Desk Phones

Desk Phones

Phone lines

Phone lines





Setup & Maintenance

Setup & Maintenance

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IT Resource

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