Spoke Real Estate

Retain clients and document conversations on mobile phones.

AI voice technology for today's leading realtors

Improve outcomes

Retain clients

Keep calls off personal phones and take over client calls when agents leave.

Document calls

Document conversations

Legally record and transcribe calls for future auditing, compliance, and disputes.

Improved outcomes

Better outcomes

AI voice productivity writes up notes to keep deals moving fast and add clarity.

Spoke for your real estate practice

Mask number

mask phone numbers

Replace personal mobile numbers with company numbers you can reassign.

Audited conversations

Record calls

Legally record and transcribe calls to protect your people and your business.

AI Voice-to-text

Voice-to-text call notes

Never forget client instructions and always follow up on promises.

Dictate follow up

dictate follow up actions

Keep talking once a call ends to transcribe your thoughts into text.

Document calls

get written call summaries

Document everything. Who called whom, when, for how long, and what they said.


integrate to existing systems

Robust APIs and pre-built integrations so data is stored where you want.

Works anywhere

works in the office and on the road

Crystal clear HD calls over Wi-Fi, cellular data, or cellular voice.

Secure and private

secure and private calls

End-to-end 256Bit AES encrypted cals and data. Bank grade.

Keep phone number

Keep the numbers clients know

Add Spoke without changing your phone numbers or existing phone system.

the moment you hang up, your work is done

IP phone
IP phone

Low impact implementation

Add Spoke to your existing phones or replace your entire phone system with Spoke VoIP.

  • Compatible with all legacy PBX business phone systems
  • Simple and fast low-touch integration
  • Easily deploy and manage
  • 100% employee adoption

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Spoke improves productivity, reduces risk, and creates better outcomes.