Maximize your assets

Many businesses are held hostage by aging technology solutions that are challenging to support and can't deliver the capabilities needed to thrive in today's competitive environment.

Mobile Tick

A scalable, manageable pathway to a mobile-first future

Your business data and business processes separate you from your competition. Integrating a mobile-first strategy with your backend systems is crucial for the modern transformation of your business. Until now, adding digital capability, mobility, or migrating off legacy business solutions has been fraught with risk, disruption, and cost. With Spoke Phone you can interconnect, migrate, and upgrade existing assets in the cloud with ease.

A better way to a mobile and digital future

Spoke Phone provides a platform to augment, interconnect, or migrate aging communications technologies with limited risk, disruption, and cost.

Overlay infrastructure


Upgrade existing infrastructure without changing numbers, suppliers, or processes, giving you modern cloud benefits without change risk.

Interconnect systems


Connect phone systems and contact centers to unify user directories and call flows across disparate on-premise and cloud platforms.

Scale your business


When current infrastructure hits its limits, scale effortlessly on the cloud without spending any more money on legacy technology.

94% of businesses run applications on legacy operating systems, while 65% identify cost and complexity as factors hampering migration plans.

Bring modern mobile capability to legacy platforms

Spoke Phone brings rich user experiences, customer information, and business process to phone calls on your legacy platforms, and turns every desk phone, extension and user into a next-generation mobile employee.

Design custom forms


Empower mobile employees with your unique IP, right inside their mobile phone.

Assist conversations


Help employees have conversations that drive better customer outcomes.

Integrate to anything


Boost productivity 20%, increase employee happiness and reduce business risk.

Modernise legacy phone systems

Bring a new lease of life to your legacy phone system by adding Spoke Phone’s mobile capabilities over the top, or use Spoke Phone to start migrating users to your new cloud phone system while seamlessly interconnecting the old and new worlds.

modernise legacy desk phones
ISP partners legacy contact call center

Modernise legacy contact centers

Implement remote-working, agent mobility, or business continuity without investing more in legacy technology or licenses, or use Spoke Phone to bridge your new cloud contact center with your legacy phone system.

Interconnect disparate technologies

Use Spoke Phone to connect multiple on-premise or cloud phone systems and contact centers together, so calls can flow back-and-forth across all platforms to unify your customer experience.

Dr. on phone

Easily integrate to other key business systems

Easy and seamless integration so you can extend the lifetime and ROI of existing assets, and get your digital transformation moving.

Divert Numbers

Cloud applicaitons

One-click integration to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ZohoCRM, Hubspot, Slack, and more.

Install Spoke Phone

Custom solutions

Use our developer API to build custom integrations to your home-grown solutions.

Divert Numbers

Disparate telephony stacks

Unify directories and call flows across on-prem or cloud phone systems and contact centers.

Example use-cases

Avaya logo

Upgrade Avaya phone systems​

Add cloud integrations and next-generation mobility, productivity and compliance to your Avaya PBX, without disruption, change or risk.
Twilio logo

Twilio Flex implementations

Connect Twilio Flex to a legacy PBX with a unified directory and seamless two-way call flows, that makes migrating your contact center to Twilio Flex easy.

Modernize Cisco phone systems

Add cloud integrations and next-generation mobility, productivity and compliance to your Cisco PBX, without disruption, change or risk.
Avaya Cisco
Contact Center
Genesys Logo

Business continuity for Genesys contact centers

Distribute contact center calls to agent mobile phones in a crisis, without additional hardware, licensing or call costs.

Connect different PBX systems

Unify calls, extensions, and directories across different PBX systems acquired over time, and improve customer experiences.
Teams Logo

Enhanced Mobile Calling for Microsoft Teams

Supercharge Microsoft Teams calling features for mobile users having high-value or high-risk conversations at home and abroad.

Remote working for Cisco contact centers

A low-cost remote-working solution to securely distribute, connect and record contact center calls with agents at home on mobile phones.

Compliance on calls forward to mobile phones

Ensure compliance and customer oversight is captured and maintained when employees’ forward PBX extensions to their mobile phone.
Genesys Logo

Remote working for Genesys contact centers

Implement remote working to agents on mobile phones, while retaining call recording, compliance and customer experience oversight.
Spoke Phone Microsoft Team
global call recording

Risk-free legacy PBX migration

Safely migrate your legacy PBX to Spoke Phone’s Mobile PBX over time, without wholesale change, employee disruption, or risk.

Business continuity for Cisco contact centers

Distribute contact center calls to agent mobile phones in a crisis, without additional hardware, licensing or call costs.

Customer insights on mobile phone calls

Record and store secure high-quality mobile phone calls for front-line staff in Verint or Nice for analysis, insights, and customer experience monitoring.

Unify different contact centers and locations

Seamlessly connect, transfer, and conference call between phone systems, contact centers, and other on-premise or cloud communications platforms.

Phone System Business Continuity Planning

A backup phone system on mobile phones to ensure business continuity in times of crisis. Works with any business phone system.

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