Next-generation mobility for Cisco Phone Systems (CUBE/CUCM)



Cisco provides enterprise unified communications and collaboration to bring people together anytime, anywhere, and on any device with Cisco’s integrated collaboration infrastructure for voice and video calling, messaging, and mobility.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) provides reliable, secure, scalable, and manageable call control and session management.

Spoke Phone seemlessly integrates with Cisco to augment your Cisco investment, delivering better customer and user experiences on mobile devices.

Spoke Phone can be added to a single team, division, or across your entire company to empower your mobile and remote users like never before.

Mobile Phone Calls

Mobile Phone Calls

Cisco Phone Calls

Cisco Phone Calls

Cisco Integration Face-to-Face Meetings

Face-to-Face Meetings

Modernize your existing technology investment and adapt for the future

Add years to the lifetime and improve the capability of your Cisco investment

Spoke Phone extends the life and ROI of your existing Cisco phone system investment, adding rich mobility, SaaS platform integrations and call control capabilities on mobile to your Cisco platform.

Cisco Spoke Benefits

Single number reach and call forwarding only work in one direction

Where the mobility limitations of standard Cisco products are reached Spoke Phone begins.

Spoke Phone provides mobile and remote workers advanced mobility and calling capabilities that make their life on the road much easier, more outcome driven and much more efficient.

Cisco Single Number Reach (SNR) and apps such as Cisco Jabber™ are perfectly suitable solutions for a number of your users and use-cases. Spoke Phone is designed for your “other” users. Those true mobile and remote power users who need and demand more mobility, better experiences, and better information when mobile, in order to do their job well.

Companies benefit from productivity gains and reduced business risk through greater visibility into calls occurring out of the office and on mobile phones. See all user features and benefits.

A flexible mobile platform that can be used in multiple ways

Unique features for your power users who need and demand more mobility

Spoke Phone’s key use-case is to add advanced mobile capability to platforms. Our integration partners have found many different ways to use Spoke Phone’s platform to augment existing telephony infrastructure and business process.

Business Contunity

Key business benefits

Mobile and remote workforce

Turn every Cisco desk phone, extension and user into a highly-effective mobile or remote employee.

Better customer outcomes

Ensure your remote workforce are always ready to deliver high-quality customer service on mobile phone calls and in face-toface meetings

Productivity and efficiency

Reduce admin time for mobile workers so they can spend more time on higher value tasks

Improve compliance, reduce risk

Record and document calls and face-to-face meetings to improve compliance coverage and reduce risk

Be business continuity ready

Be ready for the next business challenge with instant call mobility for your Cisco phone system and contact center

Data visibility & transparency

Connect popular business applications and in-house solutions to add rich data to/from calls and face-to-face meetings

Cisco Deployment Model

Deploy without change or risk

Employees keep the same hardware, numbers, and process

To make things simple Spoke Phone uses your existing infrastructure and setup (hardware, extension numbers, dial-plans, call-flows, employee process) and keeps your PSTN voice contract and phone numbers with your current provider.

Calls flow over your existing call plan provider to optimize contract commitments, and there is no porting of phone numbers required.

Deployment Model

Spoke Phone Cisco PBX Augmentation
Spoke Phone Deployment Model Cisco Integration

Other business use-cases

Cloud Migration

Offer users and teams cloud communication benefits without a whole system change

Business continuity

Deliver business and contact center calls to employees at home on mobile phones in times of crisis

Platform capacity

Add new employees or migrate employees onto the “Spoke Phone” side when existing infrastructure hits it’s limits/capacity

Cloud contact centers

Connect your Cisco phone system to your new cloud contact center on Amazon or Twilio and retain existing back-office call flows and process


Effortlessly connect calls across disparate PBX platforms and contact centers by leveraging Spoke Phone’s overlay and interconnect capability

Agnosic call recording

Record and locally store low-latency HD phone calls made on any internal Cisco extension or mobile device on any carrier and any network

Remote working

Implement remote-working on mobile phones without additional licensing hardware, or complex call plans/routing

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