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Sasha Viasasha

Mobility Drives the Future of Work

A mobile-first, human-first approach to enterprise mobility.
Does your business phone system translate to a mobile-first world? Does your company have oversight and control over the business conversations happening on mobile devices? The answers to these questions are forming a new baseline for businesses who are looking to build a flexible, scalable workforce. To support this workforce, they also need an adaptable infrastructure. This infrastructure must transverse a variety of environments and networks while delivering a consistent user experience across a range of disparate devices. The final endpoint is a small screen on a mobile phone in the hands of a human user.

Enterprise mobility to unlock workforce power

A flexible, scalable workforce allows organizations of all sizes to respond quickly and maintain business continuity regardless of what happens. Mobility is the key to unlocking the full power of your workforce under any circumstance and can now be achieved through augmenting existing business applications with modern mobile applications that overlay existing infrastructure and software.

Mobility delivers powerful benefits to the enterprise, including:

  • Business continuity in face of a crisis or unexpected event
  • The capability to work anywhere and anytime 
  • Improved productivity and employee experience
  • The ability to work with the best talent, irrespective of location 
  • Increased sales and customer success from better communication

Why mobile-first?

Mobility is the defining characteristic of the digital age, and a huge advantage for companies who are able to enable their mobile workforce with optimal tools and strategies. These approaches must be flexible and designed for mobile environments. Many business phone systems that worked in an office do not translate well to a mobile world, where people are accessing the technology in variant environments and locations across a patchwork of networks. The pace of business has also accelerated, with old methods of information sharing and data collection not scaling. Mobile-first applications are designed with the mobile phone and the user at the center. 

Human-first experiences for better employee and customer outcomes

An untapped opportunity

The human is at the center of employee and customer experience, but technology is not always a great enabler of the relationships and conversations that drive human-focused outcomes. Centering the needs of employees and customers means evolving mobile-first capabilities into human-first experiences that support and empower the people they were designed for.

In the field

For field reps, this might mean their client can easily reach them and that they have a full view into the account built seamlessly into the phone call. They can update information easily, add call notes, or loop colleagues in on a phone call, using swipe, tap, and talk technology. They can focus on their work rather than tedious administrative and support tasks.

Team collaboration

For teams working together in the field, sometimes at different locations around the world, they can quickly gain visibility into their teammates’ availability and share their own. Teams can hold and record virtual meetings, and share notes afterwards, knowing that everything is backed up by the cloud. Routines follow-ups and tasks can be automated to save time and effort.

Enhancing the customer experience

For the customer, whether they are engaging directly with a representative of the brand or interfacing with a customer facing application or system, they simply want to be able to obtain the information they need or take action when they are ready. When they do need to talk with another person, they want to be able to have a meaningful experience that ends with a positive resolution.

Human-first for a better journey

The customer journey is built of experiences and engagements with the brand. Driving that journey forward effectively means consistently delivering reliable experiences, from human-first empathetically-designed technology systems that are easy to use and navigate, to human-to-human connections and conversations that leave behind a business record for better customer experience continuity.

Mobility and the new normal

According to Global Workplace Analytics study, about 56% of the workforce has a job that is compatible with working from home at least part-time. In a Gallup poll of the workforce, half of the workers sent home to comply with Covid-19 restrictions would prefer to continue working that way. As major tech companies and global corporations invest in building remote-capable workforces for business continuity and reap the benefits, this will become a differentiating factor, both for recruiting talent and for gaining an edge in a changing world.

Powerful tools bring security, oversight and compliance to the mobile edge

Unlocking value from business phone calls

Every conversation is an opportunity to learn from and engage with a current or future customer,  but to maximize the value of these conversations, businesses must find ways to capture and collect key data before, during and after the call while not disrupting the experience and protecting the business, employee and customer.

High risk, high-value conversations

The exchange of sensitive and personal information requires secure solutions and advanced tools for ensuring compliance and protecting business and client interests. Cloud back-ups capture everything effortlessly for a complete business record

Mobile-first design drives compliance and better security practices

Ease-of-use drives adoption and compliance. Tools that are simple and intuitive are most effective on mobile phones and can secure your organization’s mobile edge on any device, from personal to corporate devices.

Soft infrastructure adapts to connect and evolve your existing system

Adding mobility to your business phone system is easy with cloud-based solutions that can overlay or augment existing infrastructure for better productivity in and out of the field. Add a few remote teams and scale up as needed, or augment legacy technology with a digital upgrade for enhanced productivity and mobile-readiness.


From place-based to everywhere in the cloud

Mobility is becoming a new baseline for businesses who want to create a more resilient and flexible business culture that can navigate any turn in the road. A mobile-ready, flexible workforce can adapt and scale in the cloud with minimal exposure to local risk and complete location independence.

The future of work is technology-driven, outcome-focused work that is designed to be done by a mobile-first, human-first workplace anywhere in the cloud. The mobile phone is the final endpoint in this new business infrastructure. Most businesses of all sizes can achieve a mobile-first, remote-ready workplace on existing infrastructure and software by augmenting with modern apps rather than wholesale replacement.

Want to learn more about how Spoke’s enterprise solution can overlay and augment your existing telephony infrastructure to deliver powerful mobile-first capabilities and features to your customer-facing teams and reps?

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