Features for business growth made simple to use on a mobile phone

Explore traditional calling and phone system features along with entirely new concepts for driving business growth just using your mobile phone.

Much more than a mobile phone call.

Mobile Tick

Designed for simplicity, built for serious mobile business

Spoke Phone is for people that have high-value or high-risk conversations on a mobile phone. Spoke Phone brings desktop-like experiences, key business data and processes before, during, and after mobile phone calls, to inform conversations and drive better customer and business outcomes.

Unique features for a mobile-first world



Arm employees with key customer information as calls come in.



Guide mobile calls to improve customer outcomes and compliance.



Document and action calls to save time and reduce business risk.

Core features

Call recording

Securely document mobile phone calls to ensure conversations can be verified in the future.

Face-to-face meetings

Mitigate compliance and business risk that occurs at in-person meetings, and keeps everyone on track.

Call and voice transcription​

Most people find it easier to talk than to type. Free your team from laborious call notes and CRM updates.

Call highlights

Stay focused on the call knowing call highlights has your back, so you don’t forget that important thing.

CRM integrations

Life is so much better when systems talk to each other to automate tedious tasks such as writing call notes.

Unified directory

Unify phone system, contact center, CRMs, and employee directories to make calling super easy.

Key calling features

VoIP or carrier calling

When the job takes you to the boondocks calls drop to carrier signal so you can keep on working.

Multiple caller IDs

Presenting a professional on-brand experience is easy with local caller IDs that get more calls answered.

Mobile conference calling

If you’ve tried to start or join a conference call on the move, you’ll love one-touch mobile conferences.

Announced (warm) transfer

Delight teammates and customers with professional announced call transfers from your mobile phone.

Inter-plaform conferencing

Conference in customers with peers and agents across different phone systems and contact centers.

Inter-platform call transfer

Transfer customers to peers in different phone systems, contact centers, and on mobile phones.

In-call device swap

Don’t cut the conversation short, simply move the call from your desk to your mobile and keep on talking.

Simultaneous ring

For the times you’re back at the desk answer calls the old way, or answer on your mobile for better productivity.

Availability and presence

Take time to switch-off and recharge the batteries knowing others will deal with your customer calls. 

Unlimited call concurrency

No more limits on the number of concurrent calls you can have, so your business can thrive.

Key PBX features

Auto-attendants and IVR

Greet customers professionally and automate call distribution to get scale into your business.

Custom audio library

Create the exact customer experience that best showcases your individual brand and unique business.

Call queues

Distribute calls to people and teams on mobile phones all around the world without missing a beat.

Loop-back calls

Ensure every missed customer call gets returned in record time to keep business moving.

After hours

Give customers a great experience if they call your company when your office is closed.

Transcribed voicemail

Voicemails are recorded, transcribed, and sent to email, making catching up on missed calls easy.

Platform-to-platform integrations

SIP trunks

Connect your existing infrastructure to the cloud and give your employees mobility with accountability.

Capacity overflow

When current infrastructure hits its limits, scale on the cloud without spending more on legacy tech.

Inter-platform connectivity

Connect and transfer calls between disparate on-premise or cloud phone systems and contact centers.

BYO carrier

Bring-your-own carrier and get our next-generation mobility without waiting for contracts to expire.

Developer API

Your business is unique. Bring your most complex needs to life and drive your business outcomes.

Unified directory

Unify phone system, contact center, CRM, and employee directories to make calling super easy.

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