VoIP business phone system features

Spoke has all the phone system stuff...

Auto-attendants / Voice Menus

Greet and route callers automatically or manually / personally

Custom greetings and sounds

Custom greetings, music, on-hold adverts on each number and / or office

Teams, call groups, and routing

Ring groups of people and route calls to the right people fast

Multiple brands / companies

Deliver different experiences and route calls to different employees for each brand

Easy call transfer

Transfer calls off mobile phones. Cold, announce & transfer, send to voicemail.

Always-up-to-date team directory

Never search email looking for someones phone number again

Local, national, free-phone numbers

Give customers local numbers to call you, no matter where in the world you are

International phone numbers

Get numbers in any country in a few clicks, and make your company stand out

Roll-over to external numbers

Roll calls to external numbers and give customers a great after-hours experience

Integrated personal phone book

Call and see when contacts stored in your personal phone book call you

Shared company phone book

Call and see when customers in your CRM or other system call you

Keep your numbers (porting)

Port (move) your numbers to Spoke so customer calls keep on coming

Calling features

Secure encrypted calls

HD call recording

DID / DDI numbers

Shows company Caller ID

Free calls to teammates

Local presence dialling

Multiple Caller IDs

Transcribed voicemail

Calls over Wi-Fi and cell data

Calls over cellular network

HD (VoIP) calls

Bluetooth calls

Unlimited concurrent calls

Unlimited lines

Free inbound calling

3-way calling

Other features

256bit AES data encryption

Masks personal mobile numbers

Keep company calls and voicemail off personal phones

Android, Apple, and iPad apps

Legacy desk phone support

Coming soon

3 minute set-up, no IT folks needed

Then, Spoke has some stuff too...


Talk to send transcribed text notes to yourself, teammates, and customers


Shake your phone to capture something important you just heard on a call

Follow-up notes

Keep talking when the call ends to write-up transcribed call notes

One-tap conference calls

Conference calls that call you. No downloads, pion numbers, or dial-in

Carrier downgrade

Automatically downgrade to carrier voice calling when Wi-Fi or data signal drops

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