All the VoIP phone system features you need

Spoke phone is a business phone system on your mobile phone, made for companies with remotely distributed teams and mobile workers.

Unique phone system features for remote teams and mobile workers

100% mobile only solution

Because Spoke is designed only for a mobile phone, it means that every feature is easy to use and fully available wherever you are.

Enhanced Caller ID

See more context about who is calling so you know what calls are truly important, even when you’re out of the office.

Instant conference calls from a mobile phone

Start or join a conference with 2, 20, or 200 people in a tap. No more dial in, PIN, software to download, or waiting for someone to start the meeting.

Masked mobile phone numbers

Employee's private phone numbers are masked to keep them safe, and to keep calls and voicemail on the company network.

Unlimited team calling - globally

Chat with mobile and remote teammates all over the world, without cost.

HD Voice / VoIP and carrier calling modes

Drops to voice calls over your carrier signal when your Wi-Fi or 4G signal drops, so mobile and remote people can still use the company phone system.

Auto-downgrade calls

If you lose Wi-Fi/4G while on a call, drop to carrier calling mode over your carrier signal, and keep on talking without losing the call.

Fully integrated bluetooth support

Seamlessly switch calls to/from phone and multiple bluetooth devices (e.g. in your car) and back, as you move about your day.

+ the usual key VoIP phone system features

Auto-attendant / Voice Menu

Customize one or more IVRs (Voice Menus) for each office or brand.

Customized recordings and sounds

Customize greetings, voicemail, ring sound, hunt sound or message, hold music, on-hold advertising, or use our multilingual voice robot.

Phone numbers

Port (move) your existing numbers to Spoke, or get new local, regional, national, and even free-phone numbers all around the world in a single click.

Direct dial numbers (DDI)

Issue DDIs to individuals, teams, or call groups, so premium customers bypass the Voice Menu and get their query answered fast.

Call groups

Unlimited call groups help route calls to the right people in record time.

Multiple call offer modes (Hunting)

Keep things fair with round-robin offers, or ring everyone at the same time when you need problems solved fast.

Call routes

Offer calls to some people first, then roll over to other people, groups, or external numbers.

Unlimited concurrent calls

Make and receive as many calls at a time as you need. No need for multiple lines.

Run multiple brands / companies

See who is calling which company brand so you can answer the right way.

Manually select Caller ID

Manually select an outbound caller ID when you place a call, so you be more than just one business.

Local presence dialling

Automatically selects your outbound number relevant to the person you are calling, so they are more likely to pick up.

Warm call transfer

Talk privately with a colleague before transferring the caller. Connect and leave, or stay on the line in a 3-way call.

Cold call transfer

Faster call transfer for when you’re sitting beside colleagues in the same office.

Transfer to voicemail

Push a caller into a colleague's voicemail. Messages are transcribed to text.

Transfer to team

Great for when you’re not sure who the caller needs to talk to.

Transcribed voicemail to text

Read your voicemail and play it back if you need to. No more dialling in to listen to irrelevant messages.


Automated employee availability ensures they don’t get calls after hours or when busy.

High quality local and international calls

Spoke partner with local providers to deliver Tier 1 quality call routes in every country.

HD voice (VoIP)

Calls are delivered as crystal clear voice over your internet or 4G connection. No more international call lag, echo, or speaking over each other.

Call recording (new)

Legally compliant call recording. Record and transcribe entire calls to protect your people and your business. Records phone calls in crystal clear HD audio.

Totally secure business phone service

Secure encrypted data in transit and at rest; No hardware or software to install; 100% mobile phone solution; keeps company calls and voicemail off personal phones.

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Spoke partners with Warehouse Stationery to help Kiwi businesses talk more for less.

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Phone location

Local business phone numbers wherever your customers are

Give customers a local or free-phone office phone number to call you. Chicago, London, Auckland, wherever!

Easy Transfer

Easily transfer business calls to people, offices, or teams

Finally you can transfer a business phone call off your mobile phone. Get customers talking to the right people in record time.

Phone speaking

Keep your existing business phone numbers when you move to Spoke

No one want’s to disrupt their business. Moving to Spoke’s office phone service is super fast and easy, and you don’t lose any customer calls.

Employees hate using your clunky old company phones.


Give out their personal mobile number to customers


Forward your company phone to their mobile

Love phone

Millennials don’t want a desk, let alone a desk phone. Just use the phone they love!

Spoke is an enterprise grade business phone service in your pocket, for a few bucks a month.

Get all the key business phone features without the fuss

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