Compliance and risk mitigation in a modern mobile world

As remote working and mobility become our new normal, the future of risk management and compliance will look dramatically different from the current risk capabilities many are familiar with.

Mobile Tick

Designed to reduce risk and meet heightened regulatory expectations

Spoke Phone solves the difficult problem of ensuring security, compliance and mitigating risk that occurs when calls are made on mobile phones.

Automate compliance as you talk

Spoke Phone assists employees to have better conversations that are recorded and documented, so you can ensure that key information is provided to customers and their responses are captured.

Design custom forms


Empower mobile employees with your unique IP, right inside their mobile phone.

Assist conversations


Help employees have conversations that drive better customer outcomes.

Integrate to anything


Boost productivity 20%, increase employee happiness and reduce business risk.

52% of legal and compliance leaders are concerned about third-party cybersecurity risk since Covid-19.

Compliance on mobile calls

Until now, a secure, global and and cost-effective way to record and store mobile phone calls for frontline staff did not exist.

Compliance today is more than just call recording. You need to prove all your employees, not just contact center agents, give the right advice, disclose key information, and document the outcomes.

Working remotely with a enterprise business phone system improves productivity, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. business phone system for the mobile workplace
Business meeting on mobile with compliance and risk mitigation through enhanced security

Compliance in face-to-face meetings

As the world goes mobile, more meetings will occur outside of the office, increasing risk and compliance challenges. 

Due to the nature of talking face-to-face, ad-hoc information and off-topic conversations can occur that can both highlight new opportunities but expose you to greater risk. Being able to track these conversations with Spoke Phone’s call highlights, call recording, and voice-transcribed call dispositions, enables you to act fast on these opportunities and risks.

Guided conversations keep everyone on track

Excellence in outcomes and risk is all about having informed, consistent conversations and documenting outcomes and tasks. 

Spoke Phone’s guided conversations ensure that the right questions are being asked and the right information is being given so risk is minimized and good outcomes are assured.

Person at desk on mobile phone

Turning challenges into meaningful change

Improve audit and customer outcomes by increasing the depth of compliance and insight to include calls made on mobile phones.

Woman by wall on phone

Disclose and capture critical information

Go beyond call recording with guided conversations that ensure the right information is given and the right questions are asked.

Document outcomes

Automate the distribution of critical information from calls and meetings so the business has a 360 degree view of the customer journey.

Store, analyze, report

Integrate to Verint, Nice or other customer experience platforms and CRMs for insights and oversight on mobile phone calls.

Get started without disrupting a thing

Start with a single team, location, or business unit, then onboard more people and infrastructure when you are ready. You stay in control and mitigate the change-risk typically associated with upgrading or migrating core technologies.

Easy Setup


Augment existing infrastructure without changing numbers, suppliers, or processes, giving you all the benefits without change risk.



Connect disparate on-premise or cloud phone systems and contact centers to unify directories, capability, and call flows.

Scale Up


When current infrastructure hits its limits, scale effortlessly on the cloud without spending any more money on legacy technology.

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