A singular customer experience across multiple communication systems

Call Blender implements a seamless customer and user experience across multiple communications technologies to maximize existing infrastructure and new cloud services.

PBX | Contact Centers | Microsoft Teams | Mobile Phones

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Take control of your communications experience

Maximize your legacy and cloud investments by unifying calling, recording, and cloud integrations across multiple PBX systems, Microsoft Teams, contact centers, and mobile phones on any carrier/network.

Unified Experiences

Give customers the best calling experience with cross-platform calls, call-flows, and transfers that ensure different teams and technologies work and act as one.

Unified Visibility and Compliance

Ensure your people and your business are protected by securely capturing calls, recordings, and activity occurring on any platform or mobile phone.

Unified Outcomes

Empower everyone to be successful regardless of when, where, or how they connect with customers.

Adopt next-generation technologies today

Spoke Phone's Call Blender sits over-top existing infrastructure, hardware, and suppliers, bringing everything together to work as one.

IT team by servers

Maximize Current Investments

Extend the lifetime and ROI of existing infrastructure by years.

Embrace the Future

Start your cloud transformation now, without waiting for contract expiry or hardware to fail.

Go At Your Own Pace

Optimize and secure your business today, and take the time to figure out your strategy.
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72% of CIOs prefer best-of-breed solutions, yet 59% report significant difficulties in integrating communication platforms.

October 2020 TRA research across 200 large company CIOs and IT Managers.

Support for industry-leading communications platforms and apps

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Get started without disrupting a thing

Start with a single team, location, or business unit, then onboard more people and infrastructure when you are ready. You stay in control and mitigate the change-risk typically associated with upgrading or migrating core technologies.

Easy Setup


Augment existing infrastructure without changing numbers, suppliers, or processes, giving you all the benefits without change risk.



Connect disparate on-premise or cloud phone systems and contact centers to unify directories, capability, and call flows.

Scale Up


When current infrastructure hits its limits, scale effortlessly on the cloud without spending any more money on legacy technology.

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