Your mobile-first business continuity plan

In times of crisis businesses need to quickly enable remote working at scale. The answer may already be in the palm of your employees hands.

Mobile Tick

Deliver customer calls to employee mobile phones and keep your business moving

During times of crisis, customer contact is crucial. Customers prefer live interaction when they want answers to urgent and complex issues. Using mobile phones ensures your business continuity plan is setup to enable employees to connect with customers from diverse and secure locations globally.

Business continuity planning through augmentation and integration

Spoke Phone leverages your existing technologies to rapidly meet your remote workforce’s needs without significant disruption or cost.

Call Flows


Augment existing infrastructure without changing numbers, suppliers, or processes, giving you all the benefits without change risk.

Divert Numbers


Connect disparate on-premise or cloud phone systems and contact centers unifying directories, capability, and call flows.

Install Spoke Phone


When current infrastructure hits its limits, scale effortlessly on the cloud without spending any more money on legacy technology.

“Just 12% of organizations are highly prepared for the impact of coronavirus.”

Continuity in Crisis: Gartner's Business Continuity Survey 2020

Can your technology infrastructure handle a near virtual workforce?

Use Spoke Phone to add significant value and scalable capacity to your existing systems and infrastructure.

Lawyer in airport

Productivity in a crisis

Automate tasks that are difficult to do when employees have limited access to back-office systems and process.

Compliance in a crisis

Ensure your customers, employees, and business is protected and compliant, even when employees are working from home.

Retain oversight and Insights

Integrate to Verint, Nice or other customer experience platforms to retain key information and insights even in a crisis situation.

Our business continuity solutions

Talk to our team about these solutions and other use-cases made possible through our integration capabilities.

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