Turn mobile phones into your business phone system

A new kind of business phone system built for a mobile world.

No desk phones | No wires | No IT guy needed
Spoke Phone

“I love Spoke Phone! – It’s so easy to setup and use.”


Spoke is different

All the traditional business phone system features made simple to use on mobile phones, with unique features for people who are out and about.


Empower your employees and contractors


Uses the mobile phones you already have

Spoke turns mobile phones into a business phone system that works wherever your people are.


Maximise investment in existing mobile phones, and reduce your technology footprint in one easy step.


No wires | no desk phones | no hardware
Supports iOS & Android
iPhoneX and S9

Spoke has unique features for remote and mobile workers


Hide employee mobile phone numbers

Keep employees safe by masking their personal numbers,  which also ensures that important company calls and voicemail don’t get lost on personal phones.


Secure | Encrypted | Private | Controlled
Mask employee numbers


Easily transfer calls off mobile phones

People in the field can now answer and transfer company calls easily and professionally from their mobile phones.


Improve your customer experience and reduce time and cost.


Transfer | Announce and Transfer | Send to Voicemail
Warm call transfer


Easy internal calling

Talk with remotely distributed and mobile teams all over the world without cost.


You can now encourage your people to talk more so problems get solved fast.


Let’s Just talk™
Call a team for free


Conference calls that always start on time

Instant conference calls on your mobile phone. No dial-in, no PIN, or downloading software.


Designed for anyone that’s ever struggled to start or join a conference call.


Projects | Daily Stand-Ups | Exec Calls | Regular Meetings
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Start a conference call


Legally record calls

Legally record and transcribe entire calls to protect your people and your business.


No more “He said, she said…”
Record calls
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Spoke partners with Warehouse Stationery to help Kiwi businesses talk more for less.

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Works in remote places

Spoke works on Wi-Fi, 4G, and carrier calling, so calls get through no matter where your people are.


If you lose data signal while on a call, Spoke drops to carrier calling mode so you can keep right on talking.


Wi-Fi | 4G | Carrier calling
Works anywhere


Voice-to-text transcription

Never waste time dialling in to listen to irrelevant voicemail again.


Spoke’s voice-to-text transcription converts your voicemail to text so you can read your voicemails on your phone, and playback the actual recording anytime you need.

Voice to text


You can control everything in a tap

You can instantly change any setting, add new users, change call rules, and manage your entire system in a tap.


No more waiting for your IT guy to make phone system changes, and no more expensive bills.


Simple | Intuitive | Empowering
In control


+ all the usual business phone system features you’ve come to expect

Spoke has everything you need to give your employees and customers a professional business phone system experience.


Custom greetings, multi-level IVR, call groups, team calling, round-robin, yada yada. +many other key business phone system features.

Does everything
Simple to use
Simple to use
Traditional business phone systems features, made dead simple to use on your mobile phone.
Works on any network
Works on any network
BYOD office phone system. Employees use a smartphone on any network. Their phone, or one you provide to them.
100% mobile
100% mobile
Cloud VoIP means Spoke only needs a mobile phone to work – you don’t need anything else!

Office phone systems for a remotely distributed and mobile workforce

Desk Phones

Desk Phones

Phone lines

Phone lines





Setup & Maintenance

Setup & Maintenance

IT Resource

IT Resource

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