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The only enterprise-grade business phone system made for small business.

Instant setup, powerful features, proven quality.


business communications for small businesses

Enterprise-grade phone system

Auto-attendants, call routing, transfers, custom greetings, after-hours, +more

Conference calling built-in

Conference calls with no dial-in, download, or pin numbers

Voice productivity with AI

AI voice-notes, call highlights, and voice-to-text when you don't have a pen

Local, mobile, global

High-quality calls and experiences wherever customers and employees work

Feature rich, made simple

Advanced communication features made super simple to use

Simple, fast, effective

Setup in minutes, zero user training, fast adoption

Business phone system gets small business moving

Spoke brings everyone together by making talking live, easier and more productive.


Deliver quality customer experiences no matter where your people are


Empower remote employees to talk more with free calls and conferences


No pen? Just talk to capture and send transcribed ideas and call follow-up

What makes Spoke Phone from the rest?

Designed for mobile first
Most business phone systems are designed for desks or desktops, and their mobile app is an afterthought with limited features and poor call quality. Spoke is designed mobile 1st. High quality calls on mobile phones in any environment.
Enterprise-grade features, made simple to use
Users hate complex things. Spoke takes "big-company" communication features, and makes them beautiful and simple to use.
Every feature works on your mobile phone
No more compromises just because you're out of the office. Spoke delivers HD call quality, conference calling, warm-transfers, transcribed voice notes, call recording, and every other feature, in your car, off the trail, or at the beach.
Created to get people talking again
People solve more problems when they talk. Spoke makes it easier and more productive to talk in real-time, so problems get solved fast and businesses grow.

Get all the big business phone system features and more...

Small businesses can now afford enterprise-grade communication that delights customers and employees.

  • Auto-attendant
  • Hunt groups
  • Transcribed voicemail
  • Call recording
  • Custom messages
  • Custom music
  • Adverts on-hold
  • Rollover rules
  • Global numbers
  • Free-phone numbers
  • Conference calling
  • Masked mobile numbers
  • Local presense dialing
  • External transfers
  • Announce and transfer
  • Unlimited calling
  • Custom IVR menus
  • Desk phones
  • Android and Apple apps
  • iPad add
  • Voice-notes
  • AI voice-to-text transcription
  • AI call highlights
  • Advanced ring rules
  • Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G, and 3G
  • Carrier voice calls
  • +lots more!
Works anywhere


Give customers easy ways to call you with local, national, and free-phone numbers


custom Everything

Stand out and be professional with custom messages, music, on-hold adverts and more


Deliver excellent customer experiences with AI powered or fully custom call routing rules

Transfer conferences

conference calling built-in

Delight customers and save money with conference calling that requires no downloads, pin#, or dial-in

Audited conversations

legal call recording

Protect your business and your employees with HD (high definition) call recording that complies with regulations

protect employee privacy

Mask employee cell phone numbers and protect their down-time with DND, office hours, and automated live-availability

and lots more great features you'll

Voice productivity thanks to AI

Like talking more than typing?... then Spoke's VoiceAI is for you!

Dictate follow up


Talk to quickly capture and send transcribed notes to yourself, employees, or customers



Keep talking when the call ends to write transcribed call notes as fast as you can talk

Never forget that important thing again

Hear something important but don't have a pen? "Shake" your phone or tap "Highlight" so you can listen to it later.

Voice productivity
Voice productivity

to the things you love

Copper CRM
Hubspot CRM
Pipedrive CRM
More integrations
Spoke Settings

Finally, you're in total control

No more waiting on expensive phone system repair guys. Change anything in a click.

Spoke Settings

Use the phones you already have

SIP phones
SIP phones

Our typical customers


Easily connect customers and the office to people out on the job

Professional Services

Connect remote employees and contractors to global customers

Field & Home Services

Save re-visits by connecting field-techs to each other and customers


Deliver great customer experiences as more people work-from-home

Finance / Insurance

Record calls to reduce liability for independent advisors and brokers

Field Sales

Keep business moving fast when you're always on the road

Your data protection is our highest priority

End-to-End 256-Bit AES military grade encryption

Our customers love us!


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Spoke Phone is an enterprise-grade business phone system made for Australian small businesses.

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