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Limit who can make calls to control costs.
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*Annual contract price. ($12 p/user if month-to-month). US Dollars. Calls extra.

Cost to make outbound calls

Jason Kerr

Before Gmail, corporate email was an expensive time consuming  nightmare. Spoke is like Gmail for your business phone system – click, set, done!

– Jason Kerr, CEO @ Spoke Phone


– David B, North County, San Diego.

Can we still use desk phones?

Sure. Spoke works great with these desk phones. Philips WeCall, the Jabra Speak range, the Logitech Speakerphone, and the PolyCom w/Bluetooth range.



How is Spoke different than other business phone systems?

  • Spoke is 100% mobile phone based – there is nothing else to setup, install or configure. (you can have desk phones if you really want)
  • Spoke is not VoIP. Spoke uses the phones voice network to make calls, so calls are always crystal clear.
  • Spoke is employee/BYOD friendly. VoIP phones use up employee data plans, Spoke does not.
  • Most phone systems have too many features that confuse employees. Spoke has just the right amount of big company phone system features, made dead simple to use on a mobile phone.
  • Spoke is up to 88% cheaper.


Spoke Pricing: If uses are not active, you don’t pay for them. 
We’ve found that only about 20% of employees actually make or take a company call in any given month. So why pay for users on your phone system who don’t use it?


Spoke lets you add all your employees, and credits you for those who don’t make/take a company call in that month.

We’ve seen customers with 20 employee who were paying $500 a month, drop their monthly to $32.


Spoke is the only business phone system that is dead simple to setup and use, yet has the enterprise phone system features your business needs.

What kind of companies use Spoke?

Spoke is for companies that want to reduce infrastructure, simplify phone communications, and save money.


Spoke is very simple to setup and use, yet has the enterprise features that companies need.


Spoke is ideal for companies that:

  • Need to look very professional
  • Have employees that deal with customers (e.g: sales, customer support, finance, operations, etc.)
  • Have remote employees or employees who are away from their desks a lot
  • Don’t have full time IT resources to setup and maintain phone systems
  • Need a high quality business phone system that is simple to use and just works

What kind of companies should not use Spoke?

If your company has a high volume of inbound calls (e.g. a call center), you have sales guys chained to a desk “smiling & dialing” all day, or you are looking for a unified communications platform, then Spoke is probably not a good solution for you.

Can we make and receive calls from outside the U.S.?

Yes. You can receive calls from any phone number, including phone numbers outside the U.S.

You can make low cost calls to any number in the world.

Can we move our current company phone numbers to Spoke?

Yes. If the company you purchased your number from allows you to move your number, you can move it to Spoke. We help you with this process.

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