You don’t need 500 phone system features

Just the right amount of big phone system features, made simple to use.

Core Features

Numbers and things

Keep existing company number/s (port #); Multiple company main lines; Local numbers in any country;  Mask employee mobile #

People and places

Company address book; Automated office hours; Multiple offices, locations, and teams; DND – Do Not Disturb

Greetings and Personalization

Virtual attendant/receptionist; Automated greetings; multilingual; AI based assistant that learns as you make more calls

Time saving cool stuff

3 minute set-up; Always up to date company directory; Assured missed call follow up; Shared call history; AI that learns when, who and what calls to route, so more calls get answered.

Calling and such

Outbound calling; Mask employee mobile # on calls; Voicemail; Call transfer; Team transfer; Team calling / Hunt groups; Support for Desk Phones and Conference Phone; Live-presence based call routing, Automated Do-Not-Disturb (DND); Low cost local & international calling rates

Techie stuff

Secure encrypted data in transit and at rest; No software to install; 100% mobile phone solution; Bluetooth based Conference/Desk Phones.

Phone location

Local numbers make your company look professional

Wherever your customers are, give them a local number to call you. Chicago, London, Auckland, wherever!

Easy Transfer

Easily transfer calls to people, phones, or teams

Finally you can transfer a call off your mobile phone. Get customers talking to the right people in record time.

Phone speaking

Keep your existing numbers when you move to Spoke

No one want’s to disrupt their business. Moving to Spoke is super fast and easy, and you don’t lose any customer calls.

100% mobile phone based

Spoke only needs a mobile phone to work. You can have desk phones, but you don’t need them or anything else.

Works on any network

Employees can use a smartphone on any phone network / carrier. Their phone, or one you provide to them.

Employee / BYOD friendly

Spoke guarantees that the company cannot see an employee’s private calls and app usage – Bring on BYOD!

Coming Soon

Replace Auto-Attendant with personal recording or live operator; Warm Transfer; DDI – Direct Dial In Numbers; Conference calling; Call recording; Voicemail transcription; Free Team Calling; SMS/TXT from company line or DDI; G Suite and Office 365 Integrations, Automated Employee On Boarding / Off Boarding; Male/Female voices; +more

Spoke is more than a great business phone system.

Sure, Spoke answers & routes calls, has voicemail, call transfer, team calling, DDIs, yadda yadda, yadda, but who cares, you can get that anywhere.


Spoke is different. We care about getting more calls made and answered so your business grows.

Turns out, employees hate using your clunky old company phones.


Give out their personal mobile number to customers


Forward your company phone to their mobile

Love phone

Millennials don’t want a desk, let alone a desk phone. Just use the phone they love!

By 2020, 40% of your employees will be freelancers, contractors, or remote workers. Getting them into your phone system is hard – getting them talking to each other is harder still.

Spoke bridges the generation gap between millennials and baby-boomers, so you can connect everyone, no matter who or where they are.

“It’s the phone I love, and now it helps me get my work done faster too.”

Spoke improves employee culture and productivity. Big claim?

Learn How

This is is just the beginning.

Spoke is a enterprise grade business phone system in your pocket, for a few bucks a month.

We’ve got big plans, so enough reading...

Let’s Just TalkTM

With Spoke you eliminate:

Desk Phones (Optional)

Desk Phones (Optional)

Phone lines

Phone lines





Setup & Maintenance

Setup & Maintenance

IT Resource

IT Resource

Wasting time

Wasting time





Phone tag

Phone tag

In 3 minutes you’ll be growing your business and saving money.

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